Water Removal & Water Damage Restoration in IL & WI, including Waukegan, Kenosha & Palatine.

Water Restoration in Kenosha, Arlington Heights, Palatine, Des Plaines

If you have experienced any type of water damage in your home, due to a flood, burst pipe, or humidity, we can help. United Services has extensive experience in all types of water removal and cleanup and we’re available round the clock.

We offer 24-Hour Emergency Service as well as fire, wind, and other disaster restoration services in Illinois & Wisconsin. Give us a call or contact us online to begin restoring your home's value and condition.

Common Water & Moisture Problems

At United Services, we offer a variety of solutions to these problems.

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Don't Wait To Repair Water Damage!

When you’ve suffered a flooded basement or extensive water in your home, there is an enormous amount of physical devastation that comes along with it. Ensuring that your home is properly dried out is crucial to retaining its value and minimizes the need for additional repairs.

When homeowners choose to wait to begin the cleanup process, or when it’s not taken care of properly, mold damage can form. Not only is mold damage expensive to fix, but it poses a major health risk to you and your family.

Recent Testimonials
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    Art of Glenview, IL

    Customer Testimonial

              "Very enjoyable to work with, from start to finish. Extremely professional and courteous. Wow."
    Glenview, IL
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    Thomas of Lake Forest, IL

    Customer Testimonial

              "I cannot express how pleased we were with the service. Events happened on a Sunday and they were there within 90 minutes and did everything afterwards that they said they would do when they said they would do it! One of the reasons I pay the premiums I do for CHUBB is to have the type of responsiveness/quality that United Services provides when something goes wrong. Tremendous vendor. Tremendous service!!"
    Lake Forest, IL
  • "..you will be the first and only number called." Read More

    Adam J. of Buffalo Grove, IL

    Customer Testimonial

              Hi Gary, I am just wrapping up a project with your team and have been very impressed by the professionalism of your staff, quality of work, and quality of customer service. My home suffered water damage due to a broken pipe and within a few hours Bob Miller arrived and put me at ease. Bob assessed the situation, put together a water mitigation plan and helped me from start to finish. The water mitigation was very thorough and the team of Bob and Jeff Neumann exceeded my expectations. They turned a terrible situation into a manageable endeavor. Based on the quality of the mitigation work I felt great comfort in hiring United to complete post-mitigation repairs. Bob and Dennis Schrader worked together to assess the scope of repairs and created an unparalleled experience while teaming with outside crews to complete the work. My home has now been repaired and is better than ever. I owe a huge thank you to Bob, Dennis, and Jeff. I hope to never need your services again but if I or anyone I know does, you will be the first and only number called. Sincere gratitude, Adam J.
    Adam J.
    Buffalo Grove, IL
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    Condel Medical Center of Libertyville, IL

    Customer Testimonial

              "Thank you for the quick response! The crew responded to my call and started working the same day. They stayed with the job until completely finished."
    Condel Medical Center
    Libertyville, IL
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    Badia of Lake Barrington, IL

    Customer Testimonial

              "Thank you so much for making this experience absolutely pain free! All of you are ROCK STARS!! Happy Holidays!"
    Lake Barrington, IL
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    Meredith of Whitefish Bay, WI

    Customer Testimonial

              "We cannot describe how much we appreciate the United Services crew. This is the hardest, hottest, dirtiest work anyone can do, and they worked so hard for us. We are very grateful for this help. Thank you all!"
    Whitefish Bay, WI
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    Agent R. of Highland Park, IL

    Customer Testimonial

              Dear Gary, I believe in letting companies know when they perform a professional job. One of my insureds, Micheal, called me on Monday January 27th and left me a message that he had a broken pipe in the upstairs areas and that there was water running down the walls. I had used your company in the past so i called in the loss and requested if your people could get out to the house the same day. This is a high end home, and I was a little concerned on how this clean up would go. Let me tell you that at this moment, it was happening. The husband was in New York and the wife's brother had just been rushed to the hospital, so she had a lot going on. I will never us another company for a clean up situation. That same day, I got a phone call from Mrs. letting me know how professional and caring the crew was. She had nothing but high praise for your company. As an agent, I depend on various company to help out our insureds; acuto accidents, body shops, plugged up sinks, plumbers, smoker or water clean up, UNITED SERVICES. You really made me look good and for that I can't thank you enough. I feel very comfortable recommending your company. Thank you, John
    Agent R.
    Highland Park, IL

We serve Palatine, Des Plaines, Kenosha, Arlington Heights and many nearby areas, including Barrington, Buffalo Grove, Mchenry, Lake Zurich, Gurnee, Mundelein, Round Lake and other parts of Illinois & Wisconsin.

Professional Water Removal in Illinois & Wisconsin

Flood Warning

A great deal of flood damage occurs along with fire damage. As fire hoses extinguish the fire in your home, they pump out an estimated 1,000 gallons of water or more every minute!

The key to restoring value to your fire-damaged home is to begin the water removal process within 48 hours.

Once you’ve encountered flood damage, the first thing you should do is contact your insurance company. The next call you make, though, should be to a disaster restoration expert such as United Services. The cleanup process isn’t one you want to handle yourself, especially since it can be hazardous to your health.

United Services will address issues such as bacteria, corrosion, damaged personal property, electrical issues, mold remediation, and potential foundation problems. We are certified disaster restoration professionals, with extensive experience in the water damage and restoration industry.

From mold remediation to inspecting structural damage to disinfecting the affected area, we’re available 24 hours a day to provide emergency response when you need it most.

Call or contact us today, for a free inspection and estimate!

Local Flooding

Sudden heavy rainfalls can hit an area hard, sometimes leading to unexpected flooding throughout an entire neighborhood.

Widespread flooding can bring with it severe water damage to home and property. Additionally, these floodwaters can often contain bacteria from sewage or other unhealthy chemicals. Cleanup should be conducted right away.

Plumbing Failure

Plumbing failures can be caused by frozen pipes, as well as failing washing machine hoses, leaking water heaters, corroded/rusted pipes, and many other problems.

Plumbing leaks can lead to damage high in the home, damage wall cracks, and flood behind drywall. In the case of sewer line failure, they can also create a potentially unhealthy condition in the home.

Groundwater Leaks

Even during normal rainfall conditions, where flooding is not a threat, groundwater can find its way into a basement or crawl space.

When this happens, a homeowner can find themselves plagued by routine flooding conditions on their below-grade space. Finished basements can be ruined, crawl spaces can rot, and mold spores and odors can permeate the home.

Long-Term Humidity/Moisture

Small water intrusions and minor plumbing leaks can be easy to overlook or ignore, and over time they can lead to major problems with mold and rot. Wall cavities, cupboards, closets, and attics are especially susceptible to damage from mold, rot, and water damage.

Additionally, vented crawl spaces and basements can allow humidity in, leading to moisture problems, mold, and rot.

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