Case Studies

United Services Case Studies: Flood Cleanup in Barrington, IL

Friday, July 20th, 2012 by Gary Swenson


Loss Description

Flooding in a partially finished basement can pose a real challenge. The original company called in by this homeowner could not meet the challenge, so United Services was called in to finish the job. We got to work immediately to dry, clean and save the structure and contents of this basement.

Unique Issues

The older woodwork and plaster walls of this 100 year-old home made this job different than most. The cutting-edge drying techniques used by United Services worked to save all the original structure and avoided the need for much more costly and time consuming reconstruction. During the job a second flood complicated matters, but was dealt with swiftly by the United Services team to avoid any further damage.


Job Elements

First, all contents of the finished part of the basement were moved to protect the homeowner’s belongings from further water damage. Next, high-powered fans and humidifiers were used along with our Injectidry® units to target the hidden moisture in the walls and floor. Once the basement passed our specialized drying assessment, minor repairs were made to walls and floorboards and contents were moved back to their original locations.

Job Recognition

United Services was able to restore the basement to its original condition while minimizing the out-of-pocket expenses to the homeowner. Another satisfied customer!